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Event type:  Webinar
Region:  Online
Organiser:  Project Paradigm


State:  Queensland


Name:  Hayley Natoli
Phone Number:  0754383000

Delve into the profound impact of early life experiences on brain development, with a particular
focus on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). We will explore how trauma from sexual abuse
can affect neural pathways and brain function, influencing child development, mental health,
and wellness. Professor Selena Bartlett will discuss the incredible potential of neuroplasticity
for healing, emphasising how the brain can adapt and recover with appropriate interventions.
Additionally, we will highlight the importance of community support, education, and awareness
in fostering resilience and recovery for survivors. Topics such as mental health and wellness,
addiction, and other related issues will be covered to provide a comprehensive understanding of
the long-term effects of sexual abuse and the pathways to recovery. Moreover, we will examine
the role of digital and social media in the context of sexual abuse, particularly focusing on the
emergence of deep fake pornography and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE). We will discuss how
these digital threats complicate the landscape of abuse and the critical need for innovative
prevention, detection, and support approaches.

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the intersection between neuroscience, digital
threats, and sexual abuse, and learn how we can support healing and growth in this challenging

Professor Selena Bartlett is an international leader in the field of
Translational Neuroscience. As a Group Leader of Neuroscience and
Neuroplasticity at the Translational Research Institute and a Professor
in the School of Clinical Sciences at QUT’s Faculty of Health, her work
has garnered international recognition. The Australian Neuroscience
Society awarded her the prestigious Lawrie Austin Award for her exceptional
contributions to neuroscience. Previously serving as Director of Medications Development at
the University of California, San Francisco, Professor Bartlett’s three decades of brain research
are further augmented by her credentials as a registered Pharmacist and counsellor. She is
an author of 110 scientific research articles. She is a fervent advocate for brain health, penning
three public-oriented books, including her latest, “BEING SEEN: Master Parenting in the
Digital Age.” As host of the Thriving Minds podcast, she aims to democratise access to the
latest scientific advances. She applies her deep expertise in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and
counselling to emphasise the importance of brain health for all.

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