Services supporting struggling Queenslanders have welcomed an estimated $50 million a year in extra funding for their sector, following an announcement from the Queensland Treasurer at the QCOSS Queensland Budget Breakfast.

QCOSS CEO Aimee McVeigh said social services were under extraordinary pressure to meet unprecedented demand from struggling Queenslanders for cost of living and housing help, while worrying about their financial stability as the cost of delivering services continued to increase.

“Community services workers have been stretched to the limit trying to meet the continually rising demand for help from Queenslanders who can no longer keep their heads above water,” McVeigh said.

“That’s why today, community services statewide welcome the additional funding announced by Treasurer Cameron Dick at the QCOSS Queensland Budget Breakfast.

“Treasury estimates the funding boost will deliver an extra $50 million per year, and this increase to funding cannot come soon enough.”

With 499 days until the Queensland state election, QCOSS is also calling on the state opposition to step up with a plan to address the housing crisis.

“Today’s state budget reply from the state opposition drew attention to the need for action on Queensland’s housing crisis, and it is positive to see support for the community housing sector and the Queensland Government’s Housing Investment Fund,” McVeigh said.

“It is time for the state opposition to tell Queenslanders how they will fix the housing crisis. Without a credible plan, without supply and delivery targets, the alternative government is not going to foster the hope and trust the Opposition Leader is asking for from Queenslanders.

“QCOSS is calling for a plan that will put an end to tent cities and secure a roof over every Queenslander’s head in the next decade.”

19 June 2023