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QCOSS Media Release: Community sector voices need to be heard

QCOSS is pleased the state government's Economics and Governance Committee has listened to the concerns of QCOSS and other community groups and charities in its report on the Queensland Government's political donations bill, released Friday evening. The report recommended [...]

10 February 2020|Post

Queensland tenancy reforms welcome

The response to the Queensland Government’s tenancy reform consultation proves there is huge support for change to our tenancy laws, to support and protect both the tenant and property owner. QCOSS welcomes the Queensland Government’s [...]

28 November 2019|Post

Leading climate change action together

QCOSS is proud to see people leading change together, as hundreds of thousands of people across the world prepare to take to the streets on 20 September 2019 to demand greater climate action in the [...]

19 September 2019|Post

Let’s take a better course

The Queensland Treasurer said that budget time was a time for choices, and this government has decided to stay the course.  QCOSS (Queensland Council of Social Service) is asking for more. It is time to [...]

11 June 2019|Post

Senators gamble with people of Hinkler

The Australian Senate today took a gamble passing law to introduce the cashless debit card onto the Fraser Coast in Queensland.  QCOSS strongly opposes any moves to expand Cashless Debit Card trials but the Australian Government has [...]

17 September 2018|Post