QCOSS welcomes the development of the Putting Queensland Kids First Strategy, which has the potential to guide whole-of-government investment to ensure children and families in Queensland can thrive. We are pleased the strategy takes a holistic approach to the wellbeing of children and is supported by clear priority areas of investment.

Our submission outlines that Putting Queensland Kids First provides an opportunity to bring together complementary areas of work across government along with vital services and supports for children and families. The Strategy should be underpinned by a human rights framework, and structured to ensure effective implementation and monitoring of key goals, activities, initiatives and areas of investment.

We look forward to supporting key areas of investment that should emerge, including measures to address the impacts of poverty, ensure genuine access to universal services for all Queenslanders, provide secure and affordable housing to all families, enhance access to health services, and support the social service sector.

15 March 2024 |Service type: