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As an essential service, everyone in Queensland should have the right to access affordable water services. However, affordability is becoming an increasingly important issue as rising water prices combined with other cost-of-living pressures have contributed to bill stress.

The water and sewerage sector is complex and it can be confusing to know where to find information on the arrangements currently in place, particularly for billing, pricing and tenant issues. Prices and rules vary across regions and households have different rights and protections depending on where they live, who their water provider is and whether they are a home owner or tenant.

QCOSS has developed some water fact sheets to help those who are facing difficulties paying their water bills. The fact sheets include information on what concessions and assistance are available, what to do if you can’t pay a water bill and information for tenants.

Can’t pay a water bill

If you can’t afford to pay your water bill, your water provider may be able to assist you. This fact sheet provides some guidance about what your options are if you are unable to afford to pay a water bill and some tips to help you get the best outcome from your water provider.

Download the fact sheet
Can’t pay a water bill (PDF)
Can’t pay a water bill (Word version)

Concealed water leaks

If water leaks aren’t picked up early, they can result in an expensive water bill. This fact sheet provides information about hidden water leaks, including tips on identifying leaks and information about how to manage the cost of water leaks in your home.

Download the fact sheet
Concealed water leaks (PDF)
Concealed water leaks (Word version)

Water information for tenants

Not every tenant in Queensland pays for their water use, but a lessor or agent may pass on the cost of water used by tenants under certain circumstances. This fact sheet sets out some useful tips and explains your rights as a tenant and water user in Queensland.

Download the fact sheet
Water information for tenants (PDF)
Water information for tenants (Word version)

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