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Report: Bridging the Digital Divide

As the world moves increasingly online, digital inclusion is necessary for people to be fulsomely engaged in economic, social and civic life. Despite that [...]

7 September 2021|Publication

Submission: Social isolation and loneliness

We welcome the inquiry into social isolation and loneliness as this is a well-known issue that can significantly impact people’s health and wellbeing. To [...]

20 August 2021|Publication

Report: State of the sector

Queensland’s community sector works to improve the quality of life of people accessing their services, as well as the wider community. As per the [...]

12 August 2021|Publication

A Recovery for All Queenslanders

The economic challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic means more Queenslanders than ever are under financial pressure, and the economic recovery has a long way to go. Federal and State Governments must ensure that people affected by the downturn are not left behind.

5 August 2021|Campaign