QCOSS welcomes the 2022 Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan in transitioning the state’s energy system to a low-carbon base, offering cleaner and more affordable energy for Queenslanders. We support the Bill in legislating renewable energy targets and other key commitments of the Plan.

The development of this submission is based on consultation with QCOSS member organisations. This includes QCOSS’ long-standing Essential Services Consultative Group (ESCG). Membership of the ESCG consists of community organisations that seek to ensure energy consumer needs are better represented in policy, regulatory and industry decision-making. We have also held one-on one discussions with community organisations to seek their specific feedback on the Bill.

QCOSS is a member of the Power Together Alliance that seeks to ensure that no Queenslander is left behind in the energy transformation towards a cleaner energy future. We urge the government to include details in the Bill that support this policy platform proposing solutions in four key areas:

  1. Increase large-scale renewable energy generation in Queensland to reduce electricity prices and emissions simultaneously
  2. Allow every household to benefit from solar energy, including renters and those in social housing
  3. Bring Queensland’s rental housing stock up to scratch with minimum energy efficiency standards
  4. Increase community resilience by providing financial support for community organisations.

Our response to the Bill is focused on ensuring an equitable energy transition.

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