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Power Together

QCOSS is part of an alliance of advocacy organisations who want to re-imagine and unlock the powers of renewable energy to reduce cost of living pressures for all Queenslanders, forever.

11 August 2023|Campaign

Report: Water hardship in regional Queensland

QCOSS is exploring the experiences and outcomes for regional Queensland households who cannot pay their water bills due to financial hardship. In this report, we identify the hardship provisions applicable to regional water providers in Queensland, as well as the hardship support being offered in practice.

9 March 2022|Publication

Report: Where are we now? Energy support and COVID-19 impacts on Queenslanders

This analysis examined the experience of Queensland households during COVID-19 and how energy supports are being utilised. This was determined by analysing results of the Queensland energy consumer and COVID-19 survey commissioned by a group of Energy Charter signatories as a #BetterTogether initiative on consumers and COVID-19.

6 September 2021|Publication

Energy and water

These essential service systems exist to serve the community. We provide policy makers with input into policy decisions and regulations, and we help to educate people on issues and changes.

7 July 2021|Project

Report: COVID-19 impacts on Queenslanders

New data analysis released by QCOSS shows the impact of COVID-19 on Queenslanders and which groups have been hardest hit by the pandemic. The [...]

2 March 2021|Publication
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