QCOSS CEO Aimee McVeigh is calling on the State Government to develop a new Youth Justice Strategy, given the current strategy is due to expire this month.

“When the government is facing a youth crime crisis, Queenslanders want to know there is a credible plan in place that will keep the community safe, uphold the human rights of children and ensure victims have the support they need,” says Ms McVeigh.

Tomorrow, QCOSS, together with the Youth Advocacy Centre and The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak, is hosting a Youth Justice Round Table with high-profile, leading experts on youth justice to give non-government leaders the opportunity to come together to encourage and support engagement with the Youth Justice Reform Select Committee (established 12 October 2023).

Ms McVeigh says we need a commitment from the government to ensure the safety of all Queenslanders.

“The Queensland Government has the evidence and solutions of what works. They need to fund services as an alternative to the justice system so children can get back to school and stay with communities and families where they belong.”

8 December 2023