Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF)

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The Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) is the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy’s system for assessing and promoting improvement in the quality of human services delivered with departmental investment. The HSQF was developed in collaboration with the non-government sector to maintain important safeguards for people using services while streamlining quality requirements.

QCOSS provides a range of supports to assist the sector to implement the HSQF.

Free QCOSS support includes:

  • One-on-one or small group support – to assist organisations that are new to HSQF to implement a quality system and prepare for their quality assessment activities. Organisations can contact QCOSS for support or be referred by their departmental contract officer. Apply for support here.
  • A range of HSQF specific information and resources available online through the Community Door website – this includes the HSQF eTraining course (you need to register for an account to access this course).
  • Policy templates are available here along with supporting documents. These can be downloaded and customised by organisations.

COVID-19 and the Human Services Quality Framework

The HSQF team understands that organisations may experience challenges meeting HSQF timeframes as a result of the COVID-19 impacts and supports flexibility where possible.

For organisations under certification – if you have concerns about an upcoming audit or meeting other HSQF certification related timeframes, please contact your certification body to discuss available options which may include remote auditing, rescheduling or extensions of time. Your certification body will action any necessary requests directly to the HSQF team.

For organisations under self-assessment – if you have concerns about meeting the due date for your self-assessment or related timeframes, please contact your departmental contract officer to discuss options for an extension.

For more information, visit the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy website.

Quality Collaboration Network (QCN)

To enhance best practice within the sector in relation to quality systems, QCOSS regularly convenes the Quality Collaboration Network. The network meets from 9:30am – 11:00am on the third Wednesday of every month, from February to November. The network is a joint initiative of QCOSS and the Human Services Sector with the aim of:

  • enhancing collaborative practice;
  • providing feedback to relevant stakeholders on common issues arising in the Human Service Sector;
  • sharing information, resources and learning; and
  • identifying and discussing compliance matters to provide feedback to the Queensland Government HSQF team.

The Quality Collaboration Network follows a code of conduct to ensure productive and inclusive practice. The group is diverse, with representatives from many service types across the human services sector. The network comes together to learn, share knowledge and collaborate on projects or campaigns of mutual benefit.

To support this, the network expects members to be:

  • respectful;
  • willing to share information and resources;
  • welcoming; and
  • maintain confidentiality of information, stories and perspectives shared in the group.

To register for the next QCN meeting please visit the QCOSS events page. You can email [email protected] to find out more about HSQF support.

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