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Report: Using consumer data for continuous improvement

As a sector that delivers services to people who are often experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability, it is important for community organisations to know they are providing safe and appropriate services to individuals and to the community more broadly.

21 November 2022|Publication

Report: State of the Sector

The community services sector is the beating heart of Queensland’s economy. We are part of the largest employer group in Queensland. On any given day almost 150,000 people go to work in our more than 10,000 charities. Our essential work is supported by more than 324,000 volunteers.

11 July 2022|Publication

State Budget 2022-2023: Our analysis

The 2022-23 Queensland Budget reflects investment that will improve the lives of Queenslanders. Find out which areas were prioritised in our full analysis.

21 June 2022|Publication

Report: Water hardship in regional Queensland

QCOSS is exploring the experiences and outcomes for regional Queensland households who cannot pay their water bills due to financial hardship. In this report, we identify the hardship provisions applicable to regional water providers in Queensland, as well as the hardship support being offered in practice.

9 March 2022|Publication

QCOSS 2022-23 Budget Priorities

Strategic, long-term investments in Queensland’s social infrastructure can end the housing crisis, expand low-income households’ access to the renewable energy revolution, and create good local jobs. These investments will strengthen Queensland communities, and those who support them, as we look to 2032.

18 February 2022|Publication

Submission: Queensland Human Rights Commission review of Anti-Discrimination Act

QCOSS endorses the Ten-Point Plan for a Fairer Queensland and those solutions presented by the Alliance of Queensland Lawyers and Advocates, noting that many of the organisations involved in developing this work are QCOSS members who work extensively with people most likely to experience discrimination.

15 February 2022|Publication
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