Electricity is an essential service that most households rely on every day for lighting, hot water, food preparation, washing, cleaning, communications and heating and cooling. It is therefore critical that electricity is affordable and accessible to all.

Following several years of rising electricity prices many Queensland households are now struggling to pay their electricity bills and a growing number are finding themselves in financial stress.

QCOSS has developed some fact sheets to help those who are facing difficulties paying their energy bills or who need information on how to reduce their energy costs. The fact sheets include tips on saving energy, what concessions and assistance are available and what to do if you can’t pay an energy bill.

You can find these and many other resources, including our Water fact sheets, at our new Energy and Water ‘Resources for Sector’ hub on Community Door – our new one-stop shop of downloadable resources for use in Queensland by community services sector workers and household consumers.

6 January 2019 | Focus area: