In our Priority Action Plan 2020, we are calling on the Queensland Government to set a bold vision, improve transparency, measure what matters and be accountable for delivering on what Queenslanders value.

A key part of achieving a vision for a Queensland Renewed is ensuring Queensland communities are engaged, inclusive and thriving.

QCOSS is driven by an aspiration for a better future for all, and particularly people who are experiencing the most vulnerability in our communities – our children and young people, seniors, people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, new arrivals to Australia, and people who rely on low incomes to get by.

We are all equal, we all have a voice and a contribution to make.

We are calling on the Queensland Government to commit to creating a shared vision – by Queenslanders, for all Queenslanders. By working together and challenging each other we can create social change and ensure everyone benefits from what this great state has to offer.

Achieving this vision will take participation and effort by all – by community organisations, by communities and the people within them and importantly, by government. We need a government that strengthens our work, that works with us for communities and for individuals and families throughout Queensland.

It is only by working together that we can create a Queensland Renewed. 

You can view our key asks of the Queensland Government and the Premier in our Priority Action Plan 2020: A Queensland Renewed – download the PDF version; download an accessible Docx.