QCOSS has drafted a submission to the Queensland Government with key items we would like to see funded in this year’s budget.

The community sector provides support where it is needed most – in local communities across Queensland. Our sector will stand beside Queenslanders and help them to engage in the recovery as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue into the months and years ahead.

These are the Community Service Sector Priorities outlined in our pre-budget submission:

  1. Build 30,000 social homes by 2025
  2. Install energy efficiency upgrades and rooftop solar panels on 30,000 social housing dwellings ($215 million)
  3. Establish a Community Resilience Fund ($40 million over 3 years) which can be accessed by community service providers
  4. No cuts to community service funding
  5. Improved employment outcomes for women and reducing the gender pay gap

Women in Queensland represent 65 per cent of all job losses since the start of the pandemic. At 15.8 per cent, women in Queensland have the second worst gender pay gap in Australia.

To make sure all Queenslanders can engage in economic recovery, the government must partner with the community sector to put people at the centre of economic recovery plans and support local economies by creating jobs, ensuring support reaches those who need it through frontline community services, and investing in the care economy – creating jobs for women.

Read our pre-budget submission.

View our full proposal on establishing a $40 million dollar Community Resilience Fund.

View our full proposal to build 30,000 social homes by 2025.


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