Message from the CEO 

While QCOSS’ vision – for a Queensland free of poverty and disadvantage – remains steadfast, our approach to delivering this is sharply focussed on changing the narrative. During 2017-18, the word ‘change’ became part of our vernacular as we created new approaches to ensure every person in Queensland has a good life. QCOSS is proud to lead this movement for change.

Read more of Mark’s message in our latest annual report.

How to access the QCOSS Annual Report 2017-18 

QCOSS’ annual report is now available in a variety of formats. The online version will enable you to directly link to a number of QCOSS submissions and publications, as well as information, presentations and websites related to recent projects and programs.

You can also read the report here as a PDF – enabling you to easily download and print the report if you wish.

A Word version of the Annual Report is available here.